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  • ReleasedOctober 2019
  • ServicesPlastic and aluminum shredding
  • IndustrySolid waste disposal
Tarrabah: Green marketing

In Tasmania, local Indigenous language, “Tarrabah” is another name for the Tazmanian devil. Our Tarrabah is suitable for events, fairs, concerts, supermarkets and shopping centers. Its design makes it ideal for sponsoring and branding maketing campaigns. It treats specifcly ALU/PET/HDPE.

...Tarrabah, a solution for to shred aluminum, plastic /polyethylene


Tarrabah is suitable for events, fairs, concerts, supermarkets and shopping centers. The idea is to give marketeers a tool to promote and educate about proper recycling. Its shell is fully customizable with colours, images, slogans and any type of advertising material. It is reausable and its appearance can be renewed at each event. Tarrabah does not want to be merely a shredder and separator of materials. With its integrated communication technology, it is capable of transmitting the user’s progress on recycling (easy account creation) to a corporate cloud, which will manage them for the benefit of either the user himself (like a supermarket card), or transforming the data into a reward or a donation (i.e. proenvironmental organization) thanks to the CO2 savings accumulation.

  • Tarrabah can be used on sites like:

    Trade Fairs, Exhibition and Concert venues, Supermarkets, Malls, Schools and Universities, any place where environmental degradation needs to be avoided or mitigated.


Tarrabah shreds plastic bottles, HDPE caps and cans. Plastic is separated into its PET and HDPE components to ensure 100% recycling. Users are going to place the waste in what looks like eyes and nose and she/he can be sure about their contribution to making the planet a less polluted place. Citizens will also be able to see their level of virtuosity on their smartphones based on the number of bottles and/or cans introduced.

Tarrabah (cont.)

Tarrabah's range of accessories includes:
• PET transformation unit, transforms bottles into 3D printer wire
• Solar panel
• App for control and management

Tarrabah (cont.)

It is possible to customize the product with Ral paints identified in the catalog or with textures such as those shown. Price upon request. For any other customization, please contact our technical department: info@lifebreath.it (ITALY) info@lifebreath.ch (Global). Colour customization makes Tarrabah a versatile and visually identifiable product in open spaces, while the graphic textures make it suitable, also from an aesthetic point of view, for enhancing urban or community contexts.

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