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  • ReleasedFebruary 2020
  • ServicesPlastic and aluminum shredding
  • IndustrySolid waste disposal
Sharky: Make it yours

Designed to be placed in your home or office, it’s a substitute for standard recycle bins. Sharky takes up litle space and can be elegantly incorporated into your kitchen. It compresses the waste up-to 80% of the original volume so you will do less trips to your recycling center (saving CO2). It is simple, clean and safe.

...Sharky, a solution for to shred any type of plastic, paper and aluminum


Sharky is intended for domestic use. It can be placed at home and replaces the usual waste or recycle bins. Sharky shreds the waste materials reducing its volume by 80%. The resulting material is then collected in the container/drawer at the base of the device. This process contributes to decrease the CO2 emissions and cost due to waste collection and management. Sharky can be customized to appeal to every need or taste. The machine can be built out of recyclable materials as aluminium, recycled plastic, or wood. It’s simple design can be enhanced with shapes, textures and colours in order to fit all environments. The device can be securely managed by an App (customizable) and it will be IoT enabled to connect to the most used home system devices.

  • Sharky is suitable for office or home use:

    In collection spots conveniently located throughout your office or utility rooms, as well as in your home, kitchen, terrace, balcony, veranda, etc ...


Sharky reduces the volume of waste introduced by 80%. The bottle is not crushed, instead, it is shredded and collected in the drawer at the base of our device. Plastic is light but cumbersome: thanks to Sharky, the volume of the waste produced is going to be reduced and so the collection frequency. This process output contributes to decreasing the CO2 emissions and the waste collection companies’ costs.

Sharky (cont.)

Sharky range of accessories includes:
• Unit for transforming HDPE into 3D printer wire
• Microturbine for connection under the sink to recharge the battery using running water
• Solar panel for terrace or outdoor applications
• Separation unit for PET and HDPE
• Removable battery with charger (mains voltage)
• App for control and management
• Home automation interface

Sharky (cont.)

It is possible to customize the product with Ral paints identified in the catalog or with textures such as those shown. Price upon request. For any other customization, please contact our technical department: info@lifebreath.it (ITALY) info@lifebreath.ch (Global). Colour customization makes Sharky a versatile and visually identifiable product in open spaces, while the graphic textures make it suitable, also from an aesthetic point of view, for enhancing community or domestic contexts.

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