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The Shredders Suite
  • Released2020-2021-2022
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  • IndustrySolid waste disposal
Shredders Suite: Why a shredder?

Nowadays the biggest problem of Mother Earth is pollution. Urban waste and all types of plastics are invading our planet. Our goal is to stimulate people to recycle more, empower each of us to reduce our footprint of CO2 by reducing the volume of the waste produced. Plastic and Aluminum are strong, waterproof, lightweight and cheap. However, they have a big flaw: they’re not biodegradable and therefore must be completely recycled. Plastic has little weight and lots of volume, out products help reduce the volume of recycling materials up to 80%, this way less trips to the recycling centres are needed saving CO2 for the environment. Such a reduction is only the first phase of a real, complete industrial process, where municipalities and citizens must work side by side.

...The Shredders Suite, a solution for to shred plastic, paper, aluminum and medical waste

Designed to be placed in your home or office, it’s a substitute for standard recycle bins. Sharky takes up litle space and can be elegantly incorporated into your kitchen. It compresses the waste up-to 80% of the original volume so you will do less trips to your recycling center (saving CO2). It is simple, clean and safe.


The best solution for your home. Sharky-K is designed to be placed inside your kitchen, integrated in your forniture for maximum elegance and confort. It’s a substitute for standard recycle bins. It compresses the waste up-to 80% of the original volume by compressing different types of materials. It is simple, clean and safe.


Shark is the perfect solution for waste collection centers in residential and commercial areas. These can handle large quantities of waste (paper, plastic, aluminum) and use standard collector bins for disposal. It reduces the volume by 80% and generates significant reduction of CO2 for the environment.


In Tasmania, local Indigenous language, “Tarrabah” is another name for the Tazmanian devil. Our Tarrabah is suitable for events, fairs, concerts, supermarkets and shopping centers. Its design makes it ideal for sponsoring and branding maketing campaigns. It treats specifcly ALU/PET/HDPE.

Life Breath, our mission

We might not consider ourselves responsible for the condition of our planet, but if we don’t act, we will become accountable. We'd like to do our part.

Most common questions about the Sharky Suite shredders
Frequently Asked Questions
All our products are the result of projects based on the needs of society, which from the outset take into account principles aimed at improving the environment and people's lives.
1.Environmental sustainability, and not just in a manner of speaking, but by verifying with real self-criticism what the complications and impacts might be.
2.The will to develop our territory, economically but above all by creating synergies with companies and workers.
3.We are a reality that aims at a single objective. Improving people's lives, taking care of environmental and social needs, and bringing innovation through our research and development centre.
If they are moving elements, a sensor will not start the motor. If, on the other hand, the material dropped in has a different composition, it could block the motor and alert the service department with a "FUNCTIONING ANOMALY".
It is necessary but not indispensable. If it is not possible to authenticate yourself with the App, you can have the product recognised by a barcode, in the case of Tarrabah, or use special cards issued by our company or by the collection agency.
Yes, all operations can be managed through the App.
Quick and easy authentication, security of private data, practicality and simplicity in the execution of commands and the opportunity to be part of a virtuous network that:
1.Allows to detect, by means of an algorithm, the CO2 saved to the environment
2.By means of conventions with organisations of various kinds, small economic savings (discount vouchers for supermarkets, savings on waste collection tax, donations to environmental protection organisations, etc.)
Yes, the card and the app are interchangeable.
By means of a Login: Name, Surname, Password
There may be several options:
1.Fundraising for the association of your choice "environmental protection".
2.Accumulation of supermarket card points
3.Waste bill discount
Yes, only if properly separated into its components (see website table).
Nothing, as soon as the door/gate is opened I can access the cutting unit but the motor is stationary, controlled by safety sensors that interface with safety relays.
Sharky: Balconies, porches, kitchen, utility room, basement, garage
Sharky-K: Kitchen (built-in appliance)
Shark /Tarrabah: Bars, Commercial activities, Shopping malls, Canteens, Fast Food, Fairs, Concerts, Events, Companies, Sheds, Harbours, Cinemas, Food service chains, Retail, supermarkets
Only the materials indicated in the spaces provided to facilitate separate collection.
Absolutely crushed, always as indicated on the products.
We are currently working on identifying the necessary authorisations for this purpose.
We are currently assessing with the collection companies how shredding glass is a plus for recycling the material.
The structure of the Shredders has been designed for maximum security and the materials used are highly resistant. The public installation sites will be equipped with 24-hour video surveillance.
Sharky - 25 litres
Sharky-K - 7 litres per load compartment
Shark - 55 lt
Tarrabah - the Tarrabah's loading ports are 3 separate ALU-PET-HDPE so the loading capacity depends on the size and condition of the elements
For each Shredder, maintenance must only be carried out by authorised personnel certified by the manufacturer, as per the schedule in the instruction manual.
The duration of the cutting unit 300h/work (calculating 40min / day for 365 days)
Sharky - 25Kg
Sharky-K - 70Kg
Shark - 187 Kg
Tarrabah - 156 Kg
Our Shredders are equipped with a range of handling accessories available upon request.
All our Shredders are constantly connected to the operator's control centre. This means that the status of the system is monitored 24 hours per day. In the event of anomalies or malfunctions, the operations centre will assess the type of intervention required and, if necessary, will send a technician.
Yes, this type of service is available.
The operations centre will detect the problem and send a technician to determine whether the problem is due to a machine problem or to improper use by the user.
It is always advisable to provide adequate cover from atmospheric agents. The accessories include modular kits for the cover, with or without photovoltaic panels to power the shredders, depending on requirements.
It is possible to place more than one bottle or can depending on the condition and size of the object (crushed or whole).
It is possible to enter more than one object at the same time. After inserting the first one (e.g. a can) there is the chance to use the display to enable a new opening of the load compartment (bottle/caps) and enable the job.
By means of a special lock (only authorised personnel authenticated by means of an app/card) you can access the compartment of the drawers for collecting materials. Once the lock has been opened, you can proceed to extract and empty the drawers.
Our products leave the factory with the voltage and frequency characteristics of the ordering country.
The materials that can be introduced separately for each Shredder will be those indicated. Plastic - Paper - Aluminium
Yes, the requirements are the standard sizes/measures provided by the manufacturers.
As far as the insertion of materials is concerned, simply open the first drawer and you will have the three loading compartments available, insert plastic, paper or aluminium, one or all three materials can be processed simultaneously.
The colours will be the visual aid provided to identify the correct compartment to insert the chosen material.
There is a mechanical shutter system that will take place when the drawer is opened.
The power consumption of Sharky-K's motors is low, for example not exceeding that of a PC.
Yes, all possible interfaces can be found in the instruction manuals.
The load capacity per compartment is 7l
The bin changers will be properly trained on the procedures to be carried out, which will be simple and safe.
Only users authenticated by APP or card will be able to use Shark.
It is not necessary, but users equipped with the foreseen accessory "HDPE to 3D printer wire conversion unit" will have all the interests in separating the two types of PET/HDPE plastic.

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