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  • ReleasedJune 2020
  • ServicesPlastic and aluminum shredding
  • IndustrySolid waste disposal
Shark: Saving CO2

Shark is the perfect solution for waste collection centers in residential and commercial areas. These can handle large quantities of waste (paper, plastic, aluminum) and use standard collector bins for disposal. It reduces the volume by 80% and generates significant reduction of CO2 for the environment.

...Shark, a solution for to shred any type of plastic, paper and aluminum


Shark is a product designed for companies, supermarkets, restaurants, shops, apartment blocks and ecological centres. Due to its simple design, it is easy to insert any of the designated waste materials (plastic/aluminum/paper) into it. The waste material is then directly shredded into the internal container which can be easily disposed of later on. This process reduces the waste volume by 80%. This reduction guarantees a substantial decrease in the number of trips to collect the waste and therefore generates CO2 emissions savings.

  • Shark is suitable on sites like:

    Bars, Malls, Food Hall & Canteens, Trade Fairs, Condominium, Ecological islands, Event’s venues, Cinemas, Industrial Buildings, Ports and Airports


Shark shreds plastic, paper, or aluminum depending on the version chosen. It sends information on the container's filing status, and it processes also the data received from the managers, a collection agency, or simply the caretaker who replaces the bin located in the courtyard of the condominium/commercial premises via WIFI or Gsm, etc, creating a virtuous interactive network.

Shark (cont.)

Shark range of accessories includes:
• HDPE conversion unit for 3D printer wire
• Solar panel
• Separation unit for PET and HDPE
• App for control and management

Shark (cont.)

It is possible to customize the product with Ral paints identified in the catalog or with textures such as those shown. Price upon request. For any other customization, please contact our technical department: info@lifebreath.it (ITALY) info@lifebreath.ch (Global). Colour customization makes Shark a versatile and visually identifiable product in open spaces, while the graphic textures make it suitable, also from an aesthetic point of view, for enhancing urban contexts.

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