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Breath Eco Island
  • To be released2023
  • ServicesEco sustainable communities power plant
  • IndustryWaste-To-Energy
What is it about?

A power production plant based on the sublimation process by means of flameless combustion is able to provide electricity, thermal energy, synthetic methane, condensation water, carbon and hydrogen thus allowing a community to self guarantee energy in a truly sustainable way.

Breath Eco Island

Technology for Environment

What the hell is this?

The Breath Eco Island

The idea of being able to do something for the world we live in, to mitigate environmental pollution, to cool off the global warming, to reduce the production of any kind of waste, is the motivation that prompted Life Breath to project and build, by means of high-end technology, a disposal system capable to solve the problems avoiding harmful, gaseous, liquid or solid emissions. Breath is an energy production plant that is based on the sublimation process by means of flameless combustion, simply introducing air and exploiting some resistances placed inside the reactor.

Breath is able to provide different energy outputs:

• Electricity can be used on site by means of recharging columns (electric cars / motorcycles), by using it for lighting or simply by selling it. • Thermal energy by means of which it supplies hot, cold water and steam to be used as needed. • Synthetic methane can be conveyed inside pipelines for networking, or used as fuel after storage in special tanks. • Condensation water (depending on the materials used to power the machine and their percentage of humidity) that can be used for irrigation of crops or in industry. • Carbon and Hydrogen, being Breath a molecular degradation plant based on chemical, physical and thermodynamic processes, the result of such a chemical reactions allows their separation.

Breath Island
Breath Eco Island