Lorenzo Anania, General Manager
Degree in Mechanical Engineering at Turin Polytechnic. He begins his career as R&D manager in an industrial company part of Pianfei group, acquiring experience in the management field. He becomes associate and administrator of several companies operating in the industrial automation and welding, later becoming leader in the Capacitor Discharge Welding sector and in the supply of complete production lines to companies such as Delonghi, Cordivari, Instal-Projekt, for the production of domestic use radiators.
Massimo Gazzetta, R&D Manager
He begins his career in the industrial plants field and then moves on to manage the design, construction and maintenance for international companies operating in the construction, energy and automotive sectors. During his career he managed three owned companies from design to the sales and filed two patents for the green energy sector.
Monica Milone, Project Manager
She enters the industry field working in the family business, and becomes owner of her first company in 1991. Over the course of her career she has matured, moving from plant design to job management in various industrial sectors, as automotive, construction and food industry. This brought her to work on fully engineering industrial production plants, mostly working for international contractors.
Francesco P. Di Iorio, Sales Manager
Degree in Economics at Turin University. In 2008, he begins to operate in energy saving systems and in the energy production from renewable sources, thanks to partnerships in the supply and installation of photovoltaic plants. Starting from 2009, he owns an ESCO (Energy Service Company). He is actively involved in the financing, development and promotion of highly innovative energy saving systems and services, also overseeing third parties investments.
Stefano Di Iorio, CEO
Accountant since 2002 at a financial data elaboration centre active in Turin since 1982 During this time, he attains the Lapet Tax consultant qualification as per Law n. 4/2013 and subsequently the FAC Certifica certification too.
Flavio Barberis, R&D
MSc degree in Industrial Biotechnology at Turin University. During his academical course, he starts working on genome engineering at the Molecular Biotechnology Center in Turin, then he moves on to the start-up world, working on the optimization of microfluidics products.
Alessandro Gazzetta, R&D
Currently pursuing a Degree in Mechanical Engineering at Turin Polytechnic. He has been participating to the BREATH project from several years.
Silvia Anania, R&D
Currently pursuing the Medical Degree at l’Università La Sapienza, Policlinico Umberto I, she works in the metalworking sector as translator, thanks to her excellent knowledge of the English and the Spanish languages. Vounteer resuscitator for the American Heart Association.
Dejan Bajkovic, R&D
Master in Aerospace Engineering at UC Jacobs School of Engineering. He begins his career in the automotive sector, where he holds positions of increasing responsibility, starting from Design Manager to reach the Industrial Management in multinational companies such as Group Continental and Draftex. For about ten years, he also manages the Industrial Outsourcing for Pieffeci SpA. In recent years he works as a consultant within automotive companies, defining the medium-term Business plan and recovering efficiency and profitability.