Reference Markets

The uniqueness of the plant is the competitive and distinctive advantage. Currently, a product having these yields and absence of harmful emissions in the atmosphere does not exist in the global market.

We received letters of intent by several governments, institutions, regional authorities, municipalities and companies fighting with the organic wastes’ accumulation.

Life Breath is a start-up operating within the production market of small waste-to-energy cogeneration plants with null noxious environmental emissions. The market in which Life Breath operates is now experiencing a great global expansion, consequently to the increment of the world waste production.

The waste-to-energy market is encountering an ever-growing interest and importance, seeing as all the communitarian environmental politics encourage the use of waste-to-energy plants, as they are currently considered the best solution for waste disposal.

Waste-to-energy plants (as BREATH) are in line with the EU politics on energy, whose aim is to supply 20% of the EU total energy consumption from renewable sources by 2020.

The modulation of the plants dimensions multiplies enormously the size of the waste-to-energy market in which Life Breath can operate: the clients will not be just the big companies specialized in the waste management but even the subjects which today are necessarily subordinate to these, as individual companies, flats, large retailers, hospitals, boats.

In prospect, 30% of BREATH sales will come from the waste disposal industry, while 15% from other industry sectors, 10% both from the agriculture and the large retailers’ sector, 15% from international organizations and the remaining 20% from entities like hospitals, armed forces and touristic attractions.