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Kronos Academy

A small act in our everyday life, a reflection on what truly goes toward the “common good”, the awareness of transmitting new values opposing the polluting and disrupting consumerism, the determination to better inform about the true risks the pollution and the actual climate changes are going to bring to everyone in a future not so distant, the will to use our own wit for the best of anyone following us on this planet…it is time for every one of us to do our part for the future of life on Earth…the time to be able to say…I am doing my part

Kronos Academy non-profit organization

It is an association that, since 1997, took the reins of one of the oldest European environmental movement: Kronos 1991. During the fall of 1997 in Bologna, the founders of the old Kronos decided not to give up years of experiences and fights to defend the environment and the quality of life, but to recover part of the work done for the benefit of the new generations.