Life Breath is a company originating from the synergy between managers, technicians and designers captivated by the beauty of the nature and passionate about the renewable energies world which decided to bring life to a reality able to approach the Italian and international productive panorama to help the world we live in.

The countinuous research of innovative and efficient solutions for the environment determined Life Breath srl choice to invest resources and competences for the development of highly technological projects finalized to the production of zero impact energy.

+ than 20 years of experience and hundreds of studies on the field.

Our sensibility and interest for the nature are <<really!>> the motives guiding Life Breath research in the design and development of new technologies for clean energy production.

Life Breath is born


Partner A.K.

Patent Breath

We have filed the patent of BREATH "RESPIRO"

Roma Service Conference with AK in front of scientist resp.of

We participated in a meeting with the Kronos Academy director, management and scientific committee for the presentation of Breath

During this experience, captivated by the campaign "Mother Earth, I do my part", Life Breath and its complete team decided to participate to the collective initiative

Assembly Breath


Certification TUV-IMQ

At last, we certified Breath.